What to expect on your visit.


We meet in an old school cafeteria. On Sundays the room is our house of worship. Dress is casual. No one will be wearing a tie. Many people will bring Bibles, but we also place all Bible verses on a screen. Some people take notes. About halfway through the service children are invited to a service designed for them. They leave the cafeteria and go with their leaders to the gym on the other side of the building. Parents can walk with the children to check everything out if they would like.

Music is a blend of old and new. We sing some of the old hymns of our faith and some of the latest anthems you might hear on the radio.

We have coffee and snacks! And sometimes we have a breakfast bar! The setup crew arrives at 9:30 am and they are ready to eat by 10 am. Guests can arrive anytime from 9:30 onward and enjoy the food and drinks and conversations. The service starts at 10:30.

When we gather the group feels like a family. And that is the goal. To be the family of God in our part of the world. If you have questions or need other information to help with your visit please contact us and let us know how we can help.


9:30AM Setup | 10:30AM Worship

6:00PM - 8:00PM

On Wednesdays, students start in the gym,
adults start in the cafeteria.

Where we worship

W.E. Harris Community Center
400 East Harris Street
Hastings, FL 32145

We would love for you to worship and fellowship with us!