Harvest Light Baptist Church's Logo


Logomark Symbolism

The Harvest Light Baptist Church logo depicts a cross within threshed wheat. It symbolizes that Jesus, the cross, is the center of the Harvest. From the center, He radiates the bounty that is offered to all. The red drop, pointing toward the heavens, at the top of the logo symbolizes the blood of Jesus. “...No man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Just as rain provides life, the blood of Jesus provides eternal life.


Color Symbolism

The colors selected for Harvest Light Baptist Church's logo were purposefully chosen through research of color symbolism and meaning throughout history.

Purple - Royalty, The Risen King

Golden Yellow - Glory of God, Bounty, Light, Radiance, Faith, Joy

Crimson Red - Blood of the Lamb, Forgiveness, Hope, Love of God