We are the Harvest!

Today about sixty of us met for worship at the Harris Center in Hastings. This was our fourth Sunday of meeting together as a new church. So much has happened in the last month. We are a new church with a new name and a new website (!) and a new vision of what God has for us.

If you are checking out our information for the first time, I invite you to join us for a service on Sunday or Wednesday. Find out what we are about. Maybe you should be part of this?

I’m asking people to do four things. First, pray. God is calling us to connect with Him in prayer. And it will be through prayer that we know the next step to take. Second, invite. Let people know what we are doing. By inviting others God will help us connect with the people who should be part of our fellowship. Third, give. The financial realities of beginning a new work are big, and giving will require some measure of sacrifice, but the same God who calls us to join in this work will provide all that is needed. He will do so through His people. Fourth, find your place. Everyone has something to contribute. Look around. Help out. Find a way. God has something for you to do in this new work.

Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Stay in touch. You can also listen to messages through this site. And when you can, join us in person for worship. Let’s serve Him together.